The 9’s Triad 3-sided butt plug Smooth

It’s the smoothest three-way anal trainer anywhere—and we we say smooth, we mean smooth as in “cool” too. Each seamless plug seamlessly moves to a larger size, and your partner can “play” with just a turn of the wrist. And all Triads are made from body-safe TPR, which is easy to clean and nonporous, so they stay perfect always. Why go to all the trouble of buying one plug after another when you can do your training all in one place? That’s why everyone’s “tri-ing” Triad, only from Icon Brands!

Features: Three graduating plug sizes; small medium and large. Each plug has its sultan smooth and seamless. Easy-grip center “handle” makes switching sizes easy.

Materials: Body-Safe TPR
Product Size: About 6 x 6”
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Purchase:  Price: $11.99

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